Downloading Summary Data

We are currently developing the tools for distributing summary data from all GAIA data providers. Until we are fully operational, please use the links below to contact the appropriate institution. Contact information is also listed in the GAIA Summary Browser Meta Data Window.

GAIA summary data is provided by,

NORSTAR, University of Calgary
  • 1 minute ASI Summary Data (Currently 2 Imagers)
  • 13 Wide Beam Riometers
SPEARS, University of Lancaster
  • IRIS - Imaging Riometer
  • DASI - Digital All-Sky Imager ??
  • SCASI - Skibotn CCD All-Sky Imager
Stanford Research Inst.
  • 1 ASI
  • 20 ASI's (white light)
  • 6 (8?) ASIs